System Parameters and Data

Table 28.2 shows the system parameters for the different system components. Table 28.2 Solar system parameters.


UA house

House capacitance

Hot water load

Daily hot water demand

Demand temperature

Inlet temperature

Volume of preheat tank

Flat plate collector


Storage Tank


210 kg/day

0.28 m3

Solar source space heating

Mass flow rate of water Mass flow rate of air

Auxiliary space heating

Max. rate at which heat can be provided 14,000 W

Max. temp. at which air is returned to the load 48°C Absorption chiller with auxiliary I

Chiller cooling capacity 37980 kJ/h

Cooling tower approach 10°C

Max. useful solar source temp 75°C Auxiliary energy to generator

Temp. of firing wate delivered 92°C

Series auxiliary if solar source temp. >85°C

Parallel auxiliary if solar source temp. <85°C Air conditioner auxiliary II

Capacity 7000 kJ/h

COP 2.2 Economic parameters

Cost per unit area (FPC) $300/m2

Cost of transparent insulation material $150/m2

Area independent cost $4000

Cost of conventional fuel in first year $0.05/kW h

Annual increase in fuel cost 6%

Period of economic analysis 25 years

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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