Solvent cleaning and degreasing process and wastes

Shipyards use solvents in a variety of cleaning and degreasing operations including parts cleaning, process equipment cleaning, and surface preparation for coating applications. Some of the major solvents used are petroleum distillates, oxygenated solvents, and halogenated solvents. Most common cleaning and degreasing operations include cold cleaning and vapor degreasing (Kura et al., 1998).

Major wastes and materials that become contaminated with the solvents in cleaning and degreasing are various types of solvents that are employed in the process. Waste rags, empty containers, process spills are a few examples. Air emissions include VOCs and HAPs. Liquid wastes include the aqueous cleaners used, liquids contaminated with solvents. Solvent vapors comprised of VOCs and HAPs are a significant pollutant output of cleaning and degreasing operations.

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