Setting up and running PRECIS

Linux operation system (open SUSE 10.2) and PRECIS (version 1.4.6) were installed on three separate personal computers. Two of them have processors (CPU):

Intel® Pentium®

4 with speed 3.2 GHz. The third one is with an Intel® Centrino®

core duo processor with speed of 2.16 GHz.

Three experiments were designed to perform present, future, and reanalysis data (see Section 33.2) in order to get proper statistical information. Present and future experiments were based on Hadley Center's GCM data. The final experiment is dedicated to downscale ECMWF reanalysis data (ERA40) using PRECIS. Each experiment took approximately 3 months of continuous run. The time period for each experiment was 31 years, from which the first year will be discarded as a spin off year. Sulfur cycle is included in the future and present simulations.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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