Sample extraction and cleanup

Chemical determination of organic aerosols was performed by applying a procedure described extensively elsewhere (Yassaa et al., 2005). Briefly, samples were spiked with a solution of perdeuterated species adopted as internal reference compounds. Then, the organic content was extracted by refluxing aerosol-enriched filters in soxhlet, using a dichloromethane-acetone (4:1) mixture for 16 hours. The extract was evaporated and the residue was divided into two ali-quots. Most of the extract (4/5 of the total) was fractionated through a column chromatography on neutral alumina (2 g, partly deactivated with 2.5% ww of water). Non-polar aliphatic compounds were first eluted with iso-octane (6 mL), while the bulk of medium-polar organics were collected by passing dichloro-methane-iso-octane (3:2, 6 mL) through the column; this fraction comprised PAH, N-PAH; polar species were eluted with a third solvent, i.e., acetone (6 mL). All sample fractions were stored in the dark at low temperature (4°C) until the analysis.

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Getting Started With Solar

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