Results and Discussion

The main modifying factors on the hydrologic regime in the river basins are the complex water trainings. The storage reservoirs distribute and regulate the flow during the year by minimizing the maximum discharge, when the reconstruction corrections have positive values (DQ > 0), namely the compensation of minimum discharge, the values of the reconstruction corrections being negative (DQ < 0).

The influence of water users on the hydrologic basin is reduced to diminishing the average monthly discharge with relatively significant values (5%-10%), given by both the water users and the storages of the main storage reservoirs. The approximately constant influence of the water users is generally insignificant when there is a lack of important accumulation in the storage reservoirs, yet it can compensate for important lack of accumulation such as those in January that follow high water periods. The reconstruction of the natural flow started in the 1980s, corrections of reconstruction being made every year even though the average flow was not influenced by any modifying factors for more than 5 years out of the 22 years under analysis.

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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