Planning responses

The Anzali Lagoon Management Project scenarios on the CSLR (1.20 m in 10 years) will offer some policy plan. 'To avoid higher intensity forms of built development in areas that could be subject to anticipated sea level rise' it is recommended that the Council adopt the following two-tier approach to new land-use developments in areas of potential risk:

• Restrict new land-use developments in areas that within 10 years would be less than 1.20 m Caspian Sea level increase. Restriction below this level is considered appropriate, as extrapolation of existing linear trends in CSRL would result in more inundation areas. These restrictions may take the form of limiting development to open space and reserves and prohibiting the placement of fill. The use of fill to raise ground levels in these areas is not considered appropriate, as with continuing CSLR, the resulting developments would still require protection from inundation at some stage in the future. The implementation of this planning control would allow the water bodies to naturally expand with CSLR into existing undeveloped areas to accommodate ecological migration.

• Control new land-use developments in areas that within 10 years would be below the 0.20-1.20 m tide level with CSLR. Control below this level is considered appropriate as it would allow for low-cost or temporary developments while retaining flexibility of either retreat or more substantial development once some of the uncertainties are clarified. Possible levels of control could involve 'future proofing' building by setting minimum floor levels in the next few years and only consenting relocatable buildings.

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