Nonmeasurable Thermodynamic Properties

The classical method of eliminating non-measurable thermodynamic properties is successive use of the Maxwell relations. However, this method is very time consuming at times since one does not know exactly in which direction the elimination must take place. Sometimes, due to this uncertainty, it does not work. There is a method, however, called the method of Jacobians which accomplish the same result in a very systematic way without any guess work, Somerton and Arnas (1985). Although the method was first introduced 50 years prior to this, the only text known that discusses these is that of Callen (1960).

This methodology has been used extensively to explain certain thermo-dynamic phenomena, to design experiments, and to eliminate the non-measurable thermodynamic properties, Arnas (2000). The measurable thermodynamic properties are p, T, V. Also the specific heats at constant pressure and volume, respec tively, ds

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