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Total exergy inflow, outflow, and losses of the tray and the drying chamber were estimated based on the exergy analysis, which determined the exergy values at steady-state points and the reason of exergy variation for the process.

Exergy analysis was performed for conveyor dryer framed with cutting lines in Fig. 15.1. Exergy balance equation for the conveyor dryer was

Ex m2 — Exm1 = Exda1 — Exda 2 + Ex evap — Exioss — Ex dest (15.19)

where Exm was the exergy transfer rate of the material, Exda was the exergy transfer rate of the drying air, E3xevap was the exergy evaporation rate of the dryer, Exloss was the rate of exergy loss in the surrounding, and ExD was the rate of exergy destruction in the dryer.

The specific exergies at inlets (ym1 ) and outlets (y/m 2) of the material were given as follows (Syahrul et al., 2002):

Specific exergies with a stream of drying air entering and leaving the dryer were as follows (Syahrul et al., 2002):

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