Numerous studies illustrate the important role of material clays as adsorbents for removal of hazardous organic pollutants and of heavy metal ions from wastewater, (Boufatit et al., 2007; Jaynes et al., 1991; Khazali et aL, 2007; Kocaoba et al., 2007; Kwon et al., 2001; Sheng et al., 2001; Uribe et al, 2002). Adsorption of heavy metals onto clay minerals is one of the interests in the adsorption of metal ions for recovery purposes, because of its simplicity and efficiency (Kocaoba et al., 2007). The removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater, which are hazardous and potentially toxic to the environment, remains a challenge and constitutes a difficult problem.

In this study, the Algerian bentonite clay type was chosen and used as adsorbent for removal of pollutants from wastewater and equilibrium studies of Cu2+ and Ni2+ adsorption onto clay have been investigated. The experimental results obtained in this study show that the adsorption efficiency was dependent on a number of factors: solution pH, amount clay, shaking time, concentration of Cu2+, and Ni2+. The aim of this work was to study the adsorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions onto clay by means of low-cost materials and basic methods. The use of local material clay for removing heavy metal ions such as Cu2+ and Ni2+ from industrial wastewater is the topic of the present study.

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