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Environmental problems associated with energy use consist of an increasing spectrum of pollutants, hazards, accidents, and degradation of environmental quality and natural ecology (Dincer, 1998). Climate change is threatening human beings on the world. Earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, floods are the common natural disasters for all of us because of the seasonal variations. The industrilialized countries are mainly responsible for air pollution, ozone depletion, and carbon emissions due to the small contribution of developing countries (Dincer, 1998). Increased emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are the main reason for this situation. In these days, acid rains, energy requirement, greenhouse gas effect, etc., are global problems for human beings.

Energy can be supplied from fossil or renewable ones. It is predicted that fossil fuels will be the primary source of energy for the coming several decades (Dincer, 2001a). Fossil fuels must be used by increasing the fuel quality because of the risk of depleting those natural resources. Besides, environmental problems are closely associated with the usage of these low grade fossil fuels (Dincer, 2001b).

Demineralization can be managed by applying acidic, basic agents, or some solutions like H2O2 (Kusakebe et al., 1989).

In this study, some acidic solutions were chosen for decreasing undesired parts of H2O2-treated lignite.

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