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In order to correctly evaluate the water supply in an area, it is necessary to know the natural flow conditions. As a result of human activity the degree of water usage has also risen. Under the circumstances, in order to find out the potential of natural water resources, it is necessary to make calculations that will eliminate the influence of human factors modifying the flow. The results obtained will indicate a situation where there would not be any flow modifying factors, which will allow for a quantitative analysis of water resource trends. Currently, the immense water course training caused the measured discharge, namely the measured runoff, not to reflect the natural runoff as measured at most hydrometric stations.

The natural runoff should be known so as to follow the evolution in time of the natural water resources and evaluate the influence of the human factors on the flow. Reconstruction refers only to the modifications of the natural flow as they appear in riverbeds and does not include the modifications influencing the flow-forming factors. The reconstruction of the natural water flow into riverbeds is defined as the calculations through which, starting from the modified flow hydro-metrically registered, the modifying factors are eliminated or corrected so as the final results reflect the flow irrespective of water trainings (Diaconu et al., 1980).

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