Effect of shaking time

An adsorption kinetic study was carried out for both natural and treated clays by adding 1 g of the clay material to 50 mL of solution with fixed concentration of

Cu2+ and Ni2+. Each experiment was repeated two times. The suspension in different conical flasks was then shaken at room temperature and the concentration of the supernatant of metal ions was determined using SAA method with an accuracy of 0.5 and 0.3-0.4% Cu2+ and Ni2+, respectively. The removal percentage increases with the increasing shaking time (Fig. 43.3). The optimum metals adsorption percentages were constant at 80.59% and 93.25% at 30 min for Cu2+ and Ni2+, respectively. Thus 30 min of shaking time was chosen as the optimum time for studying both nickel and copper. The adsorption percentage (Removal %) was calculated as:

B ■—■—■—■—


—• . . B_



-■- Cu2+ • Ni2+

shaking time (min)

Fig. 43.3 Effect of shaking time on removal of Cu2+ and Ni2+ (metal concentration: 10 mg/L; pH: 3; V: 50 mL; T: 25°C).

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