Decontamination of the yard or chicken pen will help control the spread of the disease

• If possible, ask experienced personnel to help you decontaminate the yard or chicken pen.

• If this is not possible and you have to do it yourself, wear protective gear to protect your eyes, hands, feet, and other exposed parts of your body as described above.

• Dead birds should be buried safely.

• Effective cleaning results in no visible feathers or faeces remaining in the shed.

• Influenza viruses can survive for some time in organic material, so thorough cleaning with detergents is an important step in decontamination. All organic matter must be removed from poultry houses as much as possible.

• As outdoor areas used by poultry can be difficult to clean or disinfect, poultry should be excluded from these areas for a minimum of 42 days to allow natural ultraviolet radiation to destroy any residual virus. The period of exclusion should be longer in cold weather.

• Spraying of disinfectants on vegetated outdoor areas or soil is of limited value due to the inactivation of these chemicals by organic material. Removal of surface soil is not normally recommended unless it is heavily contaminated with faeces.

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