1. All reported cases of WNF in Israel (date of admission and patients' address) during the years 2000-2005 (Data source: Israel Ministry of Health, Epidemiology Department, WNV database). Data were collected from all districts from the north to the south.

2. Daily temperature (mean, minimum, and maximum) for the period of

2000-2005 in selected 12 meteorological stations characterized all sub-climatic regions - (Data source: IMS - Israel Meteorological Service).

3. Data of mosquito samplings, generally C. pipiens mosquito (the most common species in urban and rural areas of Israel), on chosen dates through the years

2001-2005. This, in selected stations (near the meteorological stations), covers all districts of the country. The samples (collected by the Department for Pest Prevention, Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection) were classified into three categories that express the increasing severity of the mosquito hazard: 0 = no mosquito hazard, 1 = medium hazard (a few or tens of mosquitoes), 2 = severe hazard (hundreds of mosquitoes or more).

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