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New shipbuilding and ship repair industry is one of the heaviest industrial zones. Production processes which are used in shipbuilding industry are variable and complicated. This study demonstrates the shipyard industry production processes and the possible wastes outcome after these operations and the prevention, minimization, and reuse of these waste products. These wastes and residual materials a are risk for workers health and a main environmental hazard. The most common problem about Tuzla Bay Shipyards is the inadequate layout planning during the construction phase. The depth of the area is limited and does not allow enlarging the shipyard areas. With recent plans, different locations in Turkey are being defined as the shipyard construction areas and new shipyards are being built nowadays. The most important point is to plan environmental risks, waste reduction, and management during the build phases.

The most important issues being followed by the legal authorities on environmental point of view are paint and the abrasive blasting materials. These two processes have to be investigated for recycling and reuse for further steps. The paint shops have to be the covered areas with filter ventilation systems and the workers have to be fully equipped with suitable type of material depending on the paint type. In addition to these items, welding fumes and their effects to workers are not negligent. Priority should be the to train the workers for environmental protection knowledge.

Building human and environmental friendly shipyards is the most important point of reducing the global effect of wastes. To limit this hazardous waste material and to keep the workers health issues on a minimized level, alternative pro duction materials to replace these traditional production processes should be considered during all phases. These alternative ways must be defined and necessary training should be imported to high- and medium-level management of the shipyards in Turkey.

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