The performance and operation are investigated for a Marnoch thermal energy conversion device, a novel heat engine for converting heat to electricity. A ther-modynamic model was developed to predict the performance of the system and used to generate performance results over a range of operating pressures and time intervals.

The performance results for the device are promising, suggesting significant potential exists for higher power output at higher pressures within the air vessels. A control system used for automation of the valves and flow exchange between the pressure vessels is able to initialize the device, monitor operations, detect pneumatic, thermal, or other changes, make operating decisions, and control peripherals automatically.

The Marnoch thermal energy conversion device could play a meaningful role as a device for mitigating global warming. This is because the device possesses significant potential to facilitate the utilization of renewable energy resources and waste heat, and thereby to reduce fossil fuel use and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the device may assist in combating climate change.


Financial support for this research from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, as well as the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program, is gratefully acknowledged.


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