Characterization of Algerian clay

The natural clay used in this study was an Algerian montmorillonite, a bentonite type from Mostaganem (NW Algeria). It was kindly supplied by ENOF (a Ltd Algerian Betonies Company). The specific surface analysis was found to be 52 m2/g by using analyzer (Micromeritics ASAP 2020 equipment, using N2 as an adsorp-tive). The procedures for treatment and purification of this material clay were prepared according to literature methods (Olphen, 1963). The chemical and mineral compositions were determined. It was composed of 55-65 % SiO2 ; 12-19 % ALO3; 0.5-1.8 % K2O ; 2-3 % MgO; 0-2 % Fe2O3 ; 1.5-5.5 % CaO ; 1-3 % Na2O (Internal study - ENOF, 2007).

The ignition loss of the clay at 1000 °C was found to be 7.5% (w/w). The other characteristics were found to be: the humidity, 15%; the swell, 0.8%; and viscosity, 15 cp min.

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