Catalytic CO2 hydrogenation

The catalytic CO2 + H2 reaction was studied in a SOTHELEM RDP 830 apparatus. A stainless steel U tube reactor was placed into a tubular furnace. The catalyst was deposited as a slight layer on a fritted stainless steel disk within the reactor. The pressure of CO2 + 3 H2 was adjusted to the desired value by a system of capi-lars. This system permits to stabilize the pressure inside the reactor to 5 bars. The mass of catalyst is of 100 mg and the solid is analyzed after in situ reduction in H2 at 250°C. The products analysis was done at the atmospheric pressure. The analysis of non-converted CO2 and of the formed products (CO, CH4, CH3OH) was done by gas chromatography i) DELSI-type IGC 121 ML (TCD) for CO2 and CO and ii) DELSI-type GC 121 DFL (FID) for CH3OH, and CH4, equipped with identical columns (Z,=4 m, l = 1/8 in.) Porapack R.

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