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For our case study, we considered that the landfill site, which is filled with municipal solid waste, opened in 2008 and it will be accept waste for 20 years. The annual waste acceptance rate is taken as 200,000 ton/year. CAA default values, which are based on federal regulations for MSW landfills laid out by the Clean Air Act, are considered for the methane generation rate and the potential methane generation capacity. The LFG composition is considered as 50% CH4 and 50% CO2. Other input data are given in Table 8.1. The results obtained using the data in Table 8.1 are presented in the following section.

Table 8.1 Input data for case studies.

Fraction of oxidized methane


Fraction of vented gas in flare


Collection efficiency


The year that the electricity production ends


Number of days that electricity producing technology


operates per year

Higher heating value of LFG

14,829 MJ/tonnes

Specific GHG emission ratio of ICE

0.551 tonnes eq.CO2/MWh (Lombardi et al., 2006). tonnes eq.CO2/MWh

Electrical efficiency of ICE


Combustion chamber inlet temperature of GT

850 K

Gas turbine inlet temperature

1520 K

Gas turbine electrical efficiency


Operating cell voltage of SOFC

0.65 V

Fuel utilization ratio of SOFC


Inlet gas temperature of SOFC


Exit gas temperature of SOFC


Active surface area of a single cell

100 cm2

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Getting Started With Solar

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