Best Management practice BMP study in a Turkish shipyard

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There are several management improvement practices achieved in time that are named as Best Management Practices (BMPs). Their main target should be the minimization or prevention of pollution with material management, housekeeping, and maintenance. With these BMP applications the advantages from the reduction of operational and workplace costs are observed. The practice can focus on source control for waste reduction at the source or treatment of the residual wastes, contaminants, and pollutants released or received after the process.

Best Management Practices are needed to reduce and prevent contamination of the aquatic environment and to improve air quality. Some BMP examples in shipbuilding industry are the treatment of paint washing water containing toxic metallic components; cleaning of drydock and vessel before floated; usage of alternative raw material such as tin-free, TBT-free, or low-VOC paint; and filtration of volatile organic pollutants of main processes such as blasting, welding, and painting.

A Best Management Practice (BMP) on a selected shipyard in Tuzla region was carried out as part of a postgraduate thesis (Celebi, 2008). Several meetings with the shipyard management were held. First the current situation in European shipyards was presented to the management in order to convince them of the benefits of BMP. After persuading, the management's first step was to examine the general situation of the shipyard. The project was completed successfully with the support of the management.

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