Production and Formulation

Pp. hermaprodita has been grown successfully in xenic culture using solid foam culture and also in deep liquid culture on a flask shaker (Wilson et al. 1993b). An yield of 1 lakh infective juveniles per millilitre has also been achieved as reported by Wilson et al. (1995a). Once maximum yield of infective juveniles are obtained they are concentrated by centrifugation before formulation (Young et al. 2002).

Since 1994, the nematodes are being sold as commercial product under the trade name Nemaslug® (Glen et al. 1994, 1996) prepared by MicroBio Ltd. (now Becker Underwood) and now the sale of this biological molluscicide has increased to many other European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Ireland. However, the shelf life of this product is very less when compared to other entomopathogenic nematodes such as Steinernema sp. or Heterorhabditis sp. (Ester and Wilson 2005).

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