Mode of Plantation

Tree plantation in homestead by the households is influenced by either demand of the tree (demand-driven) or supply of the planting materials (supply-driven) or both. A recent finding across the four ecological regions of Bangladesh showed that about 48% plantations were demand-driven, 42% supply-driven, and 10% both demand-and supply-driven (Basak 2002). He also found a distinct variation in the mode of plantation by farm categories, where demand-driven mode of plantation increased with the increase of farm size, while supply-driven mode of plantation increased with the decrease of farm size. The findings indicated that poorer group of farmers were guided by supply-driven mode because of their poor socioeconomic status, while the larger group of farmers were guided by demand-driven mode because of their better financial capacity to buy the demanded ones. Therefore, homestead of resource poor farmers may be enriched with economic plants if the supply of desired planting materials could be made available at a cheaper price.

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