1 Society Issues, Painkiller Solutions, Dependence and Sustainable Agriculture 1

Eric Lichtfouse

2 Sociology of Sustainable Agriculture 19

Ezatollah Karami and Marzieh Keshavarz

3 Sustainable Versus Organic Agriculture 41

Juying Wu and Vito Sardo

4 Organic Agriculture and Food Production: Ecological, Environmental, Food Safety and Nutritional Quality Issues 77

Reza Ghorbani, Alireza Koocheki, Kirsten Brandt, Stephen Wilcockson, and Carlo Leifert

5 Sustainability of Energy Crop Cultivation in Central Europe 109

Volkhard Scholz, Monika Heiermann, and Peter Kaulfuss

6 Phosphorus, Plant Biodiversity and Climate Change 147

Nicole Wrage, Lydie Chapuis-Lardy, and Johannes Isselstein

7 Co-evolution and Migration of Bean and Rhizobia in Europe 171

Paula A. Rodino, Marta Santalla, Antonio M. De Ron, and Jean-Jacques Drevon

8 Non-isotopic and 13C Isotopic Approaches to Calculate

Soil Organic Carbon Maintenance Requirement 189

Francisco Mamani Pati, David E. Clay, Gregg Carlson, and Sharon A. Clay

9 Soil Solarization and Sustainable Agriculture 217

Trifone D'Addabbo, Vito Miccolis, Martino Basile, and Vincenzo Candido

10 Soil Functions and Diversity in Organic and Conventional Farming 275

Supradip Saha

11 Indigenous Soil Knowledge for Sustainable Agriculture 303

Iin P. Handayani and Priyono Prawito

12 Composting to Recycle Biowaste 319

György Füleky and Szilveszter Benedek

13 Nematodes as Biocontrol Agents 347

Tarique Hassan Askary

14 Allelopathy and Organic Farming 379

Jana Kalinova

15 Occurrence and Physiology of Zearalenone as a New Plant Hormone 419

Jolanta Biesaga-Koscielniak and Maria Filek

16 Homestead Agroforestry: a Potential Resource in Bangladesh 437

M. Giashuddin Miah and M. Jahangir Hussain

Index 465

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