Conclusion Of Soil Of Bangladesh

The review and discussion cited in this paper on different aspects of homestead agroforestry production system revealed that it appeared a potential area for improving production and income of the rural households of Bangladesh. The paper clearly stated how homestead agroforestry production system meets the diversified needs of the rural households through production of a wide variety of agricultural (food crops, vegetables, spices, fodder, etc.) and forest/tree products (fruits, timber, fuelwood, etc.) as well as medicinal plants? The paper also cited how each and every niches of the homestead (micro-sites) are being utilized by the households especially by the resource poor farmers/women. Though the homestead agro-forestry production system in Bangladesh has been playing important role in rural economy of Bangladesh from the time immemorial, but the pressure of the ever-increasing population on homestead land and the rapidly changing social and economical conditions of the people pose a threat to the sustainable development of homestead agroforestry system.

As such, there is a need to conduct in-depth research and development activities on homestead agroforestry in special consideration of the smallest resource bases (micro-sites) of the subsistence farmers in order to work out different options and to facilitate more optimum use of the available resources of the poor farmer for meeting the future challenges. However, the challenges remain for the researchers, academics, and development agencies on how to address the demand-led diversified needs and aspirations of the millions of individual farmers dealing with the homestead agroforestry.

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