Application Technology

The protocol used for applying slug-parasitic nematodes is more or less the same as for entomopathogenic nematodes such as application of nematodes in the early evening to avoid the ill effects of ultraviolet rays, a light irrigation in the soil immediately after application to save the nematodes from desiccation or application of nematodes in moist or damp soil (if condition prevails) or cultivating the soil immediately after application (Wilson et al. 1996; Hass et al. 1999) in order to remove the nematodes from surface, thus preventing the nematodes from desiccation and ultraviolet rays. The equipments used for application are watering can, knapsack sprayer and tractor-mounted sprayer (Ester and Wilson 2005). Uniform application of nematodes in soil as well as in narrow bands centred on the crop rows in row crops has also been reported (Hass et al. 1999). Pp. hermaphrodita can also be applied in combination with metaldehyde bait pallets, even at a very high concentration, thus showing its compatibility with chemical mulluscicide (Wilson et al. 2000).

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