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813C ยง13C



SOC, los


plant+soil CO2 plant soil CO2 2 plant+soil soil final

Soil organic carbon

Non-harvested crop residues

Amount of non-harvested carbon applied

Non-harvested carbon maintenance requirement

Soil organic carbon at the beginning of the experiment

Soil organic carbon contained in soil at the end of the


Amount of SOC at equilibrium Mean residence time Plant-derived-respired Decomposable plant material Resistant plant material

513C value of the CO2 containing both soil and plant carbon 513C value of plant

513C value of CO2 in an area not containing plants

Total amount of CO2 trapped in the soil plus plant system

513C value of SOC when the experiment was completed

New plant carbon incorporated into SOC

513C value of the plant material retained in the soil after mineralization

Amount of relic carbon (SOCinitial) retained in the soil at the end of the study Associated 513C value Amount of organic carbon lost Rayleigh fractionation constant of the SOC Soil organic carbon derived from corn stover Total corn-derived carbon in the residue returned treatment Corn derived from unharvested material in the stover harvested treatment

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