Soil and vegetation data

The soil and vegetation maps of the catchment have been derived using the INRA (Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques) soil database (King etal. 1995), a two-year satellite archive of a vegetation index, the AVHRR/NDVI (Champeaux and Legleau 1995) and the CORINE land cover database (Cornaert et al. 1996). From the soil types, the sand and clay fractions in each model cell are determined. The vegetation input data consist of the areal fraction, the leaf area index (LAI) and the minimum stomatal resistance. For each vegetation type, a monthly evolution of the vegetation parameters based on the monthly values of the NDVI between prescribed minimum and maximum values is derived. Therefore, only the extremes of the vegetation parameters have to be imposed for each vegetation type. For the 8-km resolution, these data are aggregated according to the method proposed by Noilhan and Lacarrere (1995).

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