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In this new simpler model, one soil parameter, Cfc, is no longer used, and the two drainage parameters, tc-bf and fc-in, are replaced by a single parameter, fc, which can be estimated more unambiguously because a separation criterion is no longer necessary. The catchment response time tc is estimated from the whole of the master recession curve, being representative of the total subsurface flow. The parameter is again estimated as a triangular fuzzy number with a center value of 21 days, being the result from the new recession analyses. The width of the fuzzy number is estimated according to

Streamflow Recession Curves

Exceedance probability (1)

Exceedance probability (1)

(c) Intra-annual yield: Flow regime (d) Monthly streamflow hydrograph

12 32 52

1975-1979 Time clip (Month)

Fuzzy results : Interval of confidence for m = 0.8

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