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Get Work With Federal Governement

Get Work With Federal Governement

There is no larger employer in the world than the United States Government. Positions are available on a near regular basis, despite recent cutbacks. Not only are there opportunities domestically, but employment outside the United States is a possibility on military bases, overseas embassies and various departments of defense and state agencies.

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Autonomous farmer and market responses

For autonomous adaptation, the key issue is not whether farmers will adapt, but exactly what they might do and how effective they will be. Similarly, food markets will always adjust in response to productivity differences between farms and countries, but the issue is how effective these market responses will be. Many adaptation options can be readily observed by considering how farmers and governments react to inter-annual weather variations. These responses are typically a mix of ex ante measures, which are taken in advance of a climate realization, and ex post responses, which are taken after the event is realized. On the farm level, ex ante measures can include options such as the diversification of what, when and where crops are planted in order to withstand the temporal and spatial variability of rainfall in a given area. For governments, they can involve measures such as the development of early warning systems to anticipate climate shocks, or the expansion of social safety nets...

National Association of energy Service companies NAESco

Economy to slow down, NAESCO holds that energy efficiency can contribute to industrial competitiveness and employment growth. It believes that investments in energy-efficiency schemes will result in the creation of new job opportunities. In addition, institutions, such as schools, will be able to hire new staff thanks to the energetic savings. NAESCO also counters the line of reasoning claiming that the new jobs in energy efficiency will simply be replacements for jobs lost in energy production and distribution. According to the testimony of Donald D. Gilligan, NAESCO's President, before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, in September 2007, the marginal job losses caused by energy-efficiency programs are largely going to be overseas. Gilligan argued that the United States is dependent on foreign sources for oil supply and for Liquefied Natural Gas for fuel used for heating and electrical generation. He identified this dependency as a drain on American economy and a...

OECD Climate Change Documents

Of the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), which had administered the American and Canadian funds of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II. OECD's main commitment is to foster cooperation among countries that adhere to the principles of democracy and free market economy. OECD's aims are to support sustainable economic development, to expand the job market, to raise living standards and contribute to the growth of global trade. In addition to working with its member countries, OECD also lends its expertise to more than 100 other countries.

Improve understanding of how transportation contributes to climate change As

Improve understanding of what controls the volume of transportation activity. While there is potential for tempering growth in vehicle miles traveled by increasing land development densities, a recent NRC report (NRC, 2009e) found a lack of sound research on the potential for increasing metropolitan densities to affect travel, energy use, and emissions. Further research is needed on the relationships among household location, workplace location, trip-making activity, and light-duty vehicle travel, and on the effectiveness of various policy mechanisms to influence these relationships. Technological improvements such as online shopping, telecommuting, and virtual conferencing also have the potential to significantly reduce total transportation activity, but further research is needed on how to facilitate and promote expanded use of these technologies (and this research will require data on current levels of usage of these technologies an example of a climate-relevant observation that...

Georgia uS State

Ing with the public and businesses to promote the free Ride-Matching program and encouraging telecommuting, walking, biking, and riding MARTA. The success of the Clean Air Campaign is documented by significant reductions in nitrogen oxide and CO2 emission levels, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption.


(which is also an investment in energy infrastructure) should not benefit from similar treatment. Individuals have been able to offset the costs of some of their other activities against their income tax bill for some time. Examples include the purchase of a bicycle, teleworking and the costs of childcare. If such a tax reform were implemented alongside changes to the electricity market (discussed below), the economic incentive would be as big as that from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.


The impacts of climate change will fall disproportionately upon the developing countries and the poorer sections of society in all countries. Hence it would accentuate levels of inequity between the developed and the developing countries as well as between the rich and the poor in all countries. Poverty and low income levels, lack of infrastructure, lack of training and education, inaccessibility to technological improvements, fewer job opportunities, misplaced incentives, inadequate legal systems and a degraded resource base are some of the problems faced by developing countries, which make it difficult for them to exercise choices and implement adaptation and mitigation options, thus rendering them more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

The new demographics

A new term, Demographic Shift , has been applied to the populations changes of the greater New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina. Initially this was a euphemism for a reduced number of African Americans living in the city, made famous (infamous ) by Mayor Ray Naggin's comments about New Orleans being a chocolate city . In fact, the population shifts were far more complex. The reported numbers are staggering, with 75 reduction in the population of Orleans Parish (based on United States Census data). However, there was not a corresponding 75 reduction in traffic, nor was there a 75 reduction in business volume, or in patient volume, for that matter. Clearly, there were fewer residents of public assistance housing, as these were mostly destroyed in the storm and were not reopened. However, this appears to have been offset by an influx of temporary workers attracted by job opportunities in construction. I say appears because there are no statistics that can be referenced for this....