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Appendix A: EPA Regional Offices

EPA Regions

Region 1

U.S. EPA - Region 1 J.F.K. Federal Building Boston, Massachusetts 02203 Telephone: 617-565-3715

Region 2

U.S. EPA - Region 2 26 Federal Plaza New York, New York 10278 Telephone: 212-264-2657

Region 3

U.S. EPA - Region 3 841 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 Telephone: 215-597-9800

Region 4

U.S. EPA - Region 4 345 Courtland Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30365 Telephone: 404-347-4727

Region 5

U.S. EPA - Region 5 230 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois 60604 Telephone: 312-353-2000

Region 6

U.S. EPA - Region 6 First Interstate Bank Tower 1445 Ross Avenue Dallas, Texas 75270-2733 Telephone: 214-655-6444

Region 7

U.S. EPA - Region 7 726 Minnesota Avenue Kansas City, Kansas 66101 Telephone: 913-551-7000

Region 8

U.S. EPA - Region 8 Denver Place (811WM-RI) 999 18th Street, Suite 500 Denver, Colorado 80202-2405 Telephone: 303-293-1603

Region 9

U.S. EPA - Region 9 1235 Mission Street San Francisco, California 94105 Telephone: 415-556-6322

Region 10

U.S. EPA - Region 10 1200 Sixth Avenue Seattle, Washington 98101 Telephone: 206-442-1200

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