SE Expert judgement

SE, CC, Expert judgement CV

play an important role in the traditional diet and are important for subsistence. Indicates level of food security.

Unmet demands are determined as less than 75% coverage for agricultural demands, with equal priorities for all other users apart from domestic users.

to increased rangeland productivity and projected socio-economic changes. As WEAP model outputs demonstrate, the changes in CV, particularly in precipitation, are expected to impose a serious threat to food security. Under the A2 scenario, the risks of unmet water demands in agriculture increase more significantly than under the B2 scenario: WEAP runs indicate 18 years with unmet agriculture demands under A2, and 12 years for B2. Average annual farm income is supposed to be US$2950 under A2 scenario and US$3310 under B2 scenario. For industry, the number of reservoirs and hydropower plants would increase from 25 to 30 and overall hydropower production will increase.

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