Food security measures

1. Increase water use efficiency and productivity

2. Improve water management

3. Change cropping pattern and introduce new crops

4. Increase water storage capacity and decrease losses in the network

5. Increase crop area

6. Salinity control/ desalinization

7. Revive cattle-raising

This is actually a set of relatively low-cost measures such 0-1 as educating farmers, introducing water-saving techniques, searching for the most effective water-use practices at the field scale.

Proven to be an effective measure in transboundary 0-1

water allocation. The measure also includes water pricing, which at field scale proves effective. In transboundary relationships it depends on political stability and countries' willingness and readiness to implement it.

Effective and low-cost measure. 0-1

Measure may involve construction of small local water 4-8

reservoirs, as well as construction of one major Kambarata dam upstream to create a reservoir with storage capacity of 4.6 km3 mainly for irrigation. The most costly and necessary measure is to reduce leakage in the irrigation network, which involves maintenance and operation costs as well as major investments in network reconstruction.

There are limited land resources in Syr Darya Basin. 2-3

Requires a regulation of land rights.

Not very realistic at large scale. Feasible together with I2 2-3 measure, since in downstream areas the water used for the generation of hydropower may be utilized for this purpose.

Very necessary measure: provides security for the local 1-2

food producers.


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