Experiences Using the AMR Framework

The adaptation methodology for river basins (AMR) framework, roughly followed in the ADAPT project, puts stakeholders in a central role in the adaptation process in order to be sure that all existing adaptations are considered and that potential new adaptations are realistic and can be implemented. It has become clear from research, though, that more effort is required to improve our understanding of the human response to climate change, as it is likely that socio-economic systems respond most to extreme manifestations of climate change (Yohe andDowlatabadi, 1999). Adaptation research needs to further concentrate on stakeholder analyses, including using socioeconomic scenarios. It also became clear that huge knowledge gaps exist between policy makers/water managers and scientists who should inform water management about possible impacts. It has been shown that the AMR framework can help to bridge the gap between science and policy. This has been achieved by incorporating both

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