Environmental AS

The environmental adaptation strategy includes all the measures designed to mitigate negative impacts of the discussed stressors and to benefit agriculture, i.e. to develop dykes and protection in upper and middle parts of the basin (E1) in order to avert contamination of the Syr Darya by radioactive waste and avoid the risk of flooding in the lower course of the river, to prevent desertification (E2) through the application of sustainable land use practices. Developing sewage treatment plants (E3) will allow improved water quality in the middle and low basin. The low costing measures designed for enhancing food security, i.e. increasing water use efficiency and productivity (F1) and improving water management (F2) are expected to have a positive impact on the environment by increasing outflow to the Aral Sea. Industrial measures to generate hydropower in winter (I2) are closely related to the salinity control and desalinization measure (F6). It would contribute to increasing the outflow to the Aral

Table 5.7. Set of adaptation measures for the proposed CC/CV and socio-economic changes for the Syr Darya Basin.


Comments and protection

2. Prevent desertification

3. Develop sewage treatment plants

Very important measure in arid climates, essential elsewhere, but particularly in upper and lower basin, is based on sustainable land-use policies.

Very important measure for the middle part of the basin.

Cost category*

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