Contributors vii

Foreword ix

1. Adaptation for Regional Water Management 1

J Aerts and P. Droogers

2. Evaluating Downscaling Methods for Preparing Global 25 Circulation Model (GCM) Data for Hydrological Impact Modelling

L.M. Bouwer,J. Aerts, G.M. van de Coterlet, N. van de Giesen, A. Gieske and C. Mannaerts

3. Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change to Sustain Food 49 Security

P? Droogers, J. van Dam, J. Hoogeveen and R. Loeve

4. Water for the Environment: Exploring Adaptations to Climate 75 Change in River Basins

R. Lasage and J. Aerts

5. How Much Water will be Available for Irrigation in the Future? 93 The Syr Darya Basin (Central Asia)

O.S. Savoskul, E.V. Chevnina, F. Perziger, V Barburin and A. Danshin

6. Maintaining Sustainable Agriculture under Climate Change: 115 Zayandeh Rud Basin (Iran)

S. Morid, A.R. Massah, M. Agha Alikhani and K. Mohammadi

7. Increasing Climate Variability in the Rhine Basin: Business as 133 Usual?

H. Klein, K.J. Douben, W. van Deursen and E. de Ruyter van Steveninck

8. Will We Produce Sufficient Food under Climate Change? 157 Mekong Basin (South-east Asia)

C.T. Hoanh, H. Guttman, P Droogers and J. Aerts

9. Can We Maintain Food Production Without Losing 181 Hydropower? The Volta Basin (West Africa)

W.Andah, N. van de Giesen, A. Huber-Lee and C.A. Biney

10. Will There be Sufficient Water under Internal and External 195 Changes? Walawe Basin (Sri Lanka)

H.M. Jayatillake and P Droogers

11. How Can We Sustain Agriculture and Ecosystems? The 215 Sacramento Basin (California, USA)

A. Huber-Lee, D. Yates, D. Purkey, W. Yu, C. Young and B. Runkle

12. Food Demand and Production: a Global and Regional 239 Perspective

K. Strzepek, A. McCluskey, J. Hoogeveen and J. van Dam

13. Adaptation to Climate Change: a Research Agenda for the 255 Future

J. Aerts, P. Droogers and S. Werners Index 261

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