Survive Water Crisis Review

Survive Water Crisis

Water is the most basic of elements, yet the one most vital to our survival. Every day we use this life-giving substance, yet never think twice about where it came from or how secure our supplies are.

We drink this water, we wash in it, and we use it to cook. Without it, we'd struggle to last a week. We assume it will always be there, somehow ignoring the fact that war, natural disaster and global shortage could strike at any moment.

Question: What would you do if suddenly there was no more water? If your faucet was empty and local supplies were diminished, could you survive, or would it spell certain death for you and your loved ones.

Survive Water Crisis

Survive Water Crisis is a book by Damian Campbell which looks at the frightening fragility of American water supplies. With the world's population increasing, competition for resources like water is to set to be fierce over the next few years.

The book details the likely conflicts that will begin to ensue as demand for water increases. It analyzes current sociological trends and pinpoints how they'll begin to change over the coming years, much to the detriment of US citizens.

Survive Water Crisis puts power back into your hands. It gives you the information needed to make sure you're one step ahead of disaster, and gives you an actionable plan you can put in to use to make sure your life is protected should the worst ever happen to our water.

Why Are Supplies so Fragile?

Currently, the United States enjoys more fresh water than virtually any other country on earth. Most homes have faucets in them which pour out purified water that's safe to drink.

As other countries pursue economic development, their desire for water increases too. The last 50 years has seen China and India become global superpowers, with populations comfortably in the billions.

In the past, these countries have settled for limited access to water. But now, as their power increases and their own water supplies decrease, their desire to share more of the world's water, such as that found in the US, becomes greater.

What Figures Suggest

By the year 2030, China's water consumption will have reached 100% capacity. That means, every single person in the country will demand clean drinkable water. China's problem, however, is that it's unable to meet this demand. Chinese rivers and lakes are drying up. According to the country's environmental agency, the water in 70% of its lakes is unsuitable for human consumption. Add into that fact that 5 of the largest rivers in the country are also unusable, and you see that China is on the cusp of an epidemic shortage.

Worryingly, that's just a look at one country. Others, such as India and Libya, also face increasing demands for water which are impossible to meet.

American Supplies Aren't Safe

With such a shortage of water looming, you'd be forgiven for thinking the United States is doing everything it can to preserve its own supplies. Sadly, this isn't the case. As Survive Water Crisis talks about in more detail, poorly managed resources as well as contamination makes America's water situation precarious at best.

Take California, for example. The state's water supply is subject to its own challenges. California's growing population means that, in a similar way to China and India, more demand is leading to more of a shortage. Climate change is also affecting supplies, not just here but all over America. Less rainfall, coupled with aging infrastructure means the nation's water system could be on the verge of a literal collapse.

What to do About The Looming Problems

As water is such a valuable commodity, it's simply not possible to think of a life without it. Yet despite our familiarity of comfort, things around us could come crashing down in a hurry.

Damian Campbell lists infrastructure and population problems as two major concerns when it comes to our water, but the book also touches on others. Chemical exposure and terrorism are two other worrying problems US citizens may very well have to deal with in the near future.

The book, Survive Water Crisis, thankfully details a scientifically backed system for ensuring survival, should the worst happen. It takes you through an easy to understand process which involves collecting water that would be deemed unsuitable, and disinfecting it so it's ready for use.

The Book is the Most Valuable Resource for a Survival Enthusiast

No matter where you are, or what kind of disaster strikes, Survive Water Crisis will help you to do just that, survive a water crisis. By giving you the most up-to-date of knowledge, you'll be able to rest easy knowing you and your family will have water to drink should it ever become in doubt.

With the help of the SODIS Method outlined in the book, you'll be able to survive war, drought, system collapse or terrorist attack. With the help of other methods also outlined in the book such as the AWG Purification Method, you'll be able to get your hands on drinking water while using only the most basic of supplies.

Let it Walk You Through to Safety

The book will tell you everything you'll need to know about staying safe during a disaster, period. More than that though, it will take the guesswork out of preparations for you, by telling you exactly what to store in order to make sure you stay safe.

In an effort to protect you whatever the weather, it also touches on other survival issues such as dealing with power outages and food shortages.

With the state of water as it is in the world, the book is a fantastic little investment which could very well turn out to be lifesaving.

Survive Water Crisis
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