Ozark Permaculture Review

Do you want to life natural life style and be healthy? Do you want to free yourself from the modern life burdens and help the environment? This book Ozark permaculture is the answer. This book teaches you how to achieve a sustainable permaculture life style. You can use the book to the extend you want from gardening your back yard in a sustainable way to becoming totally off grid

What Is Premaculture?

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature rather than against nature. This lifestyle was created in the 1970's by the Australian ecologist Bill Mollison, he was a professor in the University of Tasmania. For the love of human and the nature he spent many years out in nature observing how natural systems work till he put the foundation of premaculture. Permaculture considered sustainable because the energy required establishing and maintaining the system is less than the energy extracted from the system over its lifetime.

12 Reasons Why You Should Care about Permaculture

  1. Permaculture is thoughted to be the rescue for the planet and the only path way to save the natural resource and save both human and wild animal life, here are some reason to convice you about the benefits of permaculture
  2. Living the lifestyle of permaculture is a very joyful and it is a creative way of life
  3. Economically premaculture ensures the largest total yields possible from your property because it is sustainable and depend on nature’s work instead of working against nature
  4. Believe it or not Permaculture if done by the book “Ozark permaculture” can reduce your workload a lot and make you feel like in vacation because it depends mostly on the natural dynamic system to yield the crops
  5. You will become expert in gardening which valuable skill I know a friend of mine has become so knowledgeable that he now can quickly identify which gardening methods situation for every farm we see
  6. You can use the force of nature to your advantage and support nature by organizing its elements instead of constantly the nature and disturb its elements
  7. Practicing permacultre helps collectively towards environmental preservation and this is a good way to combat the environmental issues
  8. This lifestyle helps farmers to be more aware of significant environmental issues
  9. Everything you produce yourself decrease the damage created elsewhere in the world thus you reduce our environmental impact
  10. Permaculture stimulates local economies by producing food locally which improves our live and also decrease the pollution by decrease transporting the food for long distance
  11. We are more able to live within the ecological systems instead of exploiting them (protect the environtment!)
  12. This lifestyle helps human race to reclaim the damaged areas and make earth rebirth those deserts into forests once again

About The Authors

I researched the history of the authors work, they have quite background. Neal Gist is engineer and designer. Neal worked towards combining the permaculture and technology to achieve freedom and help the environment. His co-author is his wife Elisha Gist who works as digital marketer and she shares Neal’s vision of teaching people all over the world how to live permaculture life style and that is the reason why they made their book so affordable! To spread the knowledge among people

Ozark permaculture pros:

  • You will learn the skills and knowledge to reclaim any land and push it to its full potential
  • You will learn everything Neal and Elisha know about sustainable gardening
  • The book has the ultimate methods of decreasing the labor work
  • You will learn how to fertilize the soil with natural fertilizers to guarantee the growth and health at the same time without using manufactured fertilizers
  • Learn how to prevent weeds from growing naturally by planting certain plants
  • Learn how to rebel the pets naturally by planting certain plants
  • By using the information in the book you will learn how to adapt to your unique climate no matter how extreme it is
  • The authors published Ozark permaculture at a very affordable price to spread the knowledge
  • The book is sold under clickbank platform so you will have 60 money back guarantee although I don’t think I would complaint about this book

Ozark permaculture cons:

  • Ozark permaculture is not available in printed version
  • There is no video or audio combined with the book
Ozark Permaculture
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