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This is a complete guide to bush-crafting that is family-friendly, safe, fun, and equips all with survival skills based on the most rigorous US army training. It contains specialized survival skills sharpened by many years of real-life combat experience as

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Spec Ops Bushcrafting

The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival by Seargent Brian Morris, is a specially prepared guide for surviving in the wild. It is based on the most rigorous US army special forces training to win a battle in any environment. 

To get a good mental picture of where they would need such training, think of the following disasters that you may have experienced:

  • tornado
  • vicious storm
  • flood
  • hurricane
  • severe drought

Many natural disasters serve as a reminder that we need survival skills for tough times when we cannot rely on an organized community. History is rife with situations when everything was overturned by one natural disaster and people had to find ways of surviving through it. Unfortunately, disaster preparedness is not taken as an everyday occurrence to warrant regular preparatory lessons in schools and other learning institutions. The lessons provided in such institutions are usually few and far between. 

School days are in the past but a need for outdoor survival training persists. A special training guide by Sergeant Brian Morris is available in his book Spec Ops Bushcrafting - The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival. Keep in mind that training in the US army is based on research, experience, and intelligence from its allies. There is almost no terrain that a soldier in the US army isn't prepared for. So grab your backpack, put on your boots and let's go conquer the wild with the Wilderness Survival tips by Sergeant Brian Morris.

We take for granted the availability of such things as piped gas, piped water, a refrigerator full of food ingredients, and electricity. That is because we expect them to be available as they always have and to be restored immediately there is a breakage in their supply. When such things go missing we may throw a tantrum as we wait for them to be restored. But what if they couldn’t be restored? Would you know how to find water and purify it? Would you know how to start a fire with no matches?

We greatly admire boy scouts and girl guides who seem to have a place for everything and live a slim-packed life. They are always ready to be on the move again. Their training comes in handy whenever they seem prepared for a cold winter with neatly packed firewood logs, or when their clothing stores are smartly organized. Unfortunately, their training is based on a scenario where everyone cooperates for the common good and respects laid down rules and procedures. That is hardly the case in a disaster situation. Mostly, grab and get becomes the new order of the day when there seems to be a likelihood of supplies running out. Furthermore, there may be no supplies and help may take weeks even months to reach everyone. At such a time, survival in the wild becomes a much-needed skill to remain alive. This is the backdrop of survival skills presented in the book Spec Ops Bushcrafting - The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival.

The book is not only a good read but training for real-life situations that one may face. Furthermore, it prepares one for living off-grid with unintended frugality as an added life skill that naturally comes along with learning to survive in the wild.

The subject of living off-grid with little dependence on the organized community has long inspired very many frugal living enthusiasts, those who believe in doomsday preparedness or “preppers”, off-grid enthusiasts, green living enthusiasts, and many others. They have explored many angles of humans living in the wild by trying out the following ideas and many others:

  • building earth homes
  • building container homes
  • generating their own solar, hydroelectric, wind, or combo energy
  • vertical farming and soil-less farming
  • vegetarian lifestyle
  • water finding skills and digging personal wells

Unfortunately, many of these enthusiasts end up being very skilled in one or a few of the off-grid living skills they have, and other much-needed skills get neglected.

A full program of all off-grid survival considerations is discussed in the 8 pillars of wild survival. They are:

  1. Shelter
  2. Water
  3. Fire craft
  4. Food
  5. Security
  6. Survival Navigation
  7. Communication
  8. Health

Let us dig a little more into each of them to whet your appetite for the solid reading you will encounter in The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival.

  1. Shelter 

The provision of shelter serves to protect one from the elements and danger especially from wild animals. When a disaster strikes or if you are living many miles away from anyone, you would be less inclined to call an architect to let you know if the roof matches the slopes of the hills you live near to. You are very concerned about getting a place to cover your head. That is when you make use of materials and supplies around you. A good example is building a log shelter when in a forested area. More details on this pillar are discussed in The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival by Sergeant Brian Morris.

  1. Water 

Even the most inhospitable desert has a way of providing water for a well-trained survival expert. Under this pillar, the importance of finding, collecting, and saving water is discussed to prepare you for survival in the wild. You will want to get a good grasp of the scientific methods of finding water and drop any superstitious ideas that may have been proliferated due to lack of proper survival training.

  1. Fire craft 

Starting a fire is one skill that many have from observing boy scouts and other outdoor experts. While these methods may be useful, they are not exhaustive to cover all kinds of environments you may find in the wild. There is a special trick for starting a fire that you have to get the book to find out. It is a survival tip that can prove very useful.

  1. Food 

What animal’s footprint is that? That may be a fun game to play during a family outing, but it is also a part of the Food pillar of survival in The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival. Knowing how to track an animal that can serve as your food is discussed here. Other survival tips like fishing and foraging are also discussed. If you are a green-living enthusiast, you will want to pay particular attention to this chapter to find out how you can get your daily ration of food while keeping your carbon footprint low. It will be evident to you as you discover the skill encourages minimal damage to the environment while providing your food needs.

  1. Security 

A leopard is well known for its reclusive lifestyle. It is easy to think that it is trying to avoid someone and to cover its footprints. Many people admire its stealth, especially those who are trying to cover their carbon footprint. Under the pillar of security, stealth is discussed to help you avoid detection by enemies and animals.

  1. Survival Navigation

Survival navigation provides a critical means of conserving energy while heading in the proper direction. Unfortunately, our dependence on the organized community has greatly robbed us of the knowledge of navigation without satellites and GPS.  This pillar is designed to sharpen your sense of direction and equip you to navigate the wild world.

  1. Communication

Do you know how to interpret smoke signals? Many of us have more smoke signal jokes than good communication skills. Under the pillar of communication, you will find ways to be more skilled in achieving coordination by communicating better with your allies. It is a required skill to stay alive in battle, and it can prove to be lifesaving when trying to survive in the wild.

  1. Health

We have all undergone training on how to get emergency medical attention by dialing 911. When such amenities of an organized community are not available, it is necessary to know how to treat wounds of any nature and many other ailments. Taking advantage of your surroundings can prove to be a matter of life and death. Sergeant Morris discusses how to be a bush doctor and still keep to safe standards of medical practice, under the pillar of Health.

At a time when many of life’s comforts want to turn us into couch potatoes, waiting to be served with solutions, The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival helps reignite self-sufficiency as a way of life.

You will be thrilled, inspired, and empowered to know that this book comes with three other booklets that help you:

  1. Identify edible plants with 3 tests. A list of 25 known edible plants are also included in the booklet The Green Beret's Forager Handbook: A Guide to Identifying and Preparing Wild Plants.
  2. Converge bush doctoring with medical science by using the bush as your pharmacy, lab, and source of “medical equipment”. All these in the Green Beret's Field Guide to Nature's Pharmacy.
  3. Get everyone in on it by involving the family in exploring the methods discussed through fun family outdoor events. Sergeant Morris provides 20 Fun Outdoor DIY Projects for Getting the Kids Involved in Family Bushcraft.

Parents, governments, and non-governmental authorities invest a lot of money into making the next generation more self-sufficient and probably doomsday-proof. Even with many different goals of all such authorities, it is clear and plain for any forward thinker to see the benefits of wild survival skills. It is also fun for the family to embrace nature’s provisions without feeling deprived. The 8 Pillars of Special Forces Wilderness Survival by Seargent Brian Morris helps you to find your wild side and keep you more in tune with your environment. Go ahead grab a copy of the book and the three booklets and you will have started your journey towards self-sufficiency!

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