Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) are increasingly used for wastewater treatment applications. The global market for MBRs is growing at a rate of over 10% annually and is expected to exceed 1.3 billion USD by 2010 [1]. The increase in popularity of MBRs is mainly due to the ability of these systems to effectively remove contaminants of concern present in wastewaters [2]. This ability also makes MBRs ideally suited for wastewater reuse applications.

The use of MBRs for the treatment of wastewater for reuse applications is presented in this chapter. The physical components of MBRs are reviewed, the parameters that affect the performance of these components are discussed, and the expected contaminant removal efficiencies are

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Sustainability Science and Engineering, Volume 2 ISSN 1871-2711, DOI 10.1016/S1871-2711(09)00209-8

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presented. An example, describing the use of an MBR in a full-scale wastewater reuse applications, as well as a summary of published studies that investigated the use of MBRs for wastewater reuse, are included at the end of the chapter.

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