Timing of Future Hydrogen Production Technologies

The HYNET project, which is part of the European Union 5th Framework programme, is considering the whole subject of the future of the hydrogen economy in Europe (ref). They have produced a projection of the future ch4 + 2 h20

3 H2 + CO (ah = 206 kJ/mol) H2 + C02 (AH = -41 kJ/mol)


Pd-membrane I catalyst co2 + h2o

•Membrane reactors »Sorption enhanced reactors

Fig. 11. Separation enhanced reactors

Hydrogen Production Renewable
Fig. 12. Timeline for hydrogen production technologies

sources of hydrogen based on a classification of systems into those based on renewable or sustainable or fossil fuel based technologies (Figure 12). The important message is that any of the fossil fuel based technologies with carbon capture and storage are sustainable in the future as long as the fossil fuel reserves remain.

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