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Summary And Discussion

Advances made in understanding the scale selection for the 30-60-day mode and its northward propagation as well as that for the 10-20-day mode and its westward propagation are reviewed based on analysis of observations and a hierarchy of modeling studies. Two mechanisms seem to contribute to the temporal scale selection of the 30-60-day mode. One is a convection-thermal relaxation feedback mechanism , according to which convective activity results in an increase of static stability which depresses convection itself. As convection dies, dynamical processes and radiative relaxation decreases moist static stability and brings the atmosphere to a new convectively unstable state. This mechanism does not involve wave dynamics and may be responsible for the northward propagating 30-60-day oscillations not associated with eastward propagation of convection in the equatorial region. The other mechanism involves eastward propagation of convection over the equatorial IO in the form of a Kelvin...

Alexander Khain and Barry Lynn

Simulations as compared to that of the observed minimum pressure in Katrina. Note in this connection that the WRF initialization used was not a TC forecast initial condition, so that no specific adjustment procedures were used to adopt the TC structure derived from the crude resolution (100 km) reanalysis data to the intensity of the real TC at t 0 (27 Aug 00z). Hence, some relaxation period was required to get the model TC intensity close to the observed one. Yet, the accurate prediction of the Katrina's intensity was not the primary purpose of the study. The main purpose of the simulations was to compare the TC intensity and structure in the simulations with and without aerosol effects on the TC clouds in a strong hurricane, which is able to ingest aerosols from the continent. Figure 2 shows that the TC in the MAR_CON run turned out substantially weaker, so that at the time instances when the TC reached its maximum intensity the minimum pressure in its center was about 16 mb higher...

Should the Rules for Forestry under the CDM be Eased

As a way of increasing the role of LULUCF in the CDM, the BioCarbon Fund (2008) recommends the removal of the limit to use of LULUCF to 1 percent of 1990 emissions by Annex I countries. Above, under section 2.4.2 'Modeling the Kyoto options for forestry', it was found that the relaxation of the 1 percent rule itself led to only a small reduction in price, but combined with the inclusion of avoided deforestation, could lower the global price of CO2e removals and crowd out other measures that abate emissions.

Land SeaFresh Water Test

All observation locations are checked against a global, high-resolution land sea database. Observation locations surrounded by water in all directions are accepted, and observation locations surrounded by land in all directions are discarded. For observations very near the coast a fuzzy land sea boundary check is used. Observation locations are accepted if, in any one direction, the otherwise over-land location is next to a water point. Relaxation of the land sea discrimination allows for resolution errors of the land sea database and precision errors in the reporting of observation latitude and longitude positions over the GTS. Fuzzy land sea tests are useful when ships provide observations while parked at a dock, or when instruments are deployed on piers very close to the coast. Note that the land sea test must also distinguish observation locations in fresh- and seawater locations. Lake surface temperatures are routinely provided in remotely sensed satellite data streams, and in...

Photodissociation Spectra of Monoterpene SOA

The fact that SOA particles absorb radiation in the near-UV and visible ranges of the solar spectrum does not immediately imply that SOA material is susceptible to solar photodegradation. The absorbed photon energy can be re-emitted as fluorescence or lost to vibrational relaxation. Even if the absorber succeeds in breaking one of its bonds, chances are it will be re-formed because of the likely caging effects in the surrounding SOA matrix. To fully understand the impact of photochemistry on SOA aging, knowledge of photodissociation spectra and photodissociation quantum yields for representative SOA species is required.

Is the current opposition to OIF justified

Below which the production of N2O increases non-linearly) developed as a result of fertilization will be much smaller than in the tropics where the mesopelagic oxygen minimum is already quite intense and expanding (Stramma et al. 2008). In fact, the model results suggest a relaxation of the tropical OMZs as a result of a decrease in export production caused by the lower preformed nutrient concentrations in intermediate waters at their source following fertilization of the SO (Sarmiento & Orr 1991 Jin & Gruber 2003).

Particularities of ductile crevassing

The size of the FPZ is associated with the stress relaxation at the crevasse tip due to viscoplastic deformations (creep), which are related to dislocation kinetics, and also to microcrack growth (Kachanov, 1999). The stress concentration at the tip is thus attenuated and the stress is redistributed in a zone around the tip. In

Northward and westward propagation mechanism in monsoon regions

Webster (1983) proposed that the northward propagation could result from feedback between the hydrological cycle and dynamics over India. The land surface heat fluxes into the boundary layer can destabilize the atmosphere ahead of the ascending zone, causing a northward shift of the convection zone. Goswami and Shukla (1984) suggested that the low-frequency oscillation simulated in their axially symmetric atmospheric model results from a convective-thermal relaxation feedback. The convective activity increases atmospheric stability, which would depress convection itself meanwhile, dynamic and radiative relaxation brings the atmosphere to a new convectively unstable state. Anderson and Stevens (1987) found, in a zonally symmetric primitive equation model, that inclusion of a divergent basic state Hadley cell leads to the formation of a slowly oscillating mode. Lau and Peng (1990), based on their numerical experiments, suggested that the interaction of the equatorial moist Kelvin waves...

Historical adaptations to climate variability

In summary, the Sacramento Basin has in place a number of adaptations to address natural climate variability in maintaining food and environmental security, as shown in Table 11.3. There has been a clear historical trend towards placing higher priority on environmental security, as people in the basin have come to value the role of ecosystems. Each of the adaptation strategies discussed assumes that several of the existing strategies are essentially maintained, particularly that no reservoirs would be built or destroyed, and there would be no relaxation of water quality constraints.

An Overview of Previous Ideas and Models

As seen in part C, Table 14-1, many, if not most, modeling groups have assumed that Earth-orbital forcing is indeed necessary for the 100-ky oscillations, i.e., if forcing were removed the major 100-ky-period glacial-interglacial oscillations would not occur. According to these models the main fluctuations of the ice ages represent the output of a nonlinear forced oscillator driven by orbital variations, which, however, would have to be supplemented either by some nonorbital (e.g., tectonic) forcing or some free internal or stochastic behavior in order to be able to yield the above noted transitions near 2.5 and 0.9 Ma. Included in this group are models in which (1) slow periodic Milankovitch variations under the influence of stochastic perturbations cause the system to transition between multiple equilibrium states corresponding to glacials and interglacials (e.g., Sutera, 1981 Benzi et al., 1982), (2) the near-20-ky precessional variations nonlinearly produce 100-ky relaxation...

Characteristics of a Federal Cap and Trade Scheme

S. 2191 achieves coverage of 87 percent of US CO2e emissions, issuing allowances and allowing the trading of such allowances to industries such as oil refining, facilities that use more than 5000 tons of coal per year and industrial gas producers. Importantly, S. 2191 allows the purchase of domestic and international offsets, including from forestry, to each meet 15 percent of compliance obligations. Compared with a business-as-usual scenario, S. 2191 is projected to reduce total US CO2e emissions by some 50 to 60 percent by 2050 compared with 2010 levels. The ability of capped industry to purchase forestry offsets is crucial to reducing costs of compliance. The relaxation of the restraint of 15 percent on the use of international offsets reduces the cost at the margin by 26 percent, while the removal of the 15 percent use of domestic offsets increases costs at the margin by 34 percent. The relaxation of the offsets both domestically and internationally reduces costs by 71 percent...

Change in species composition and diversity

The third possible outcome of wind disturbance commonly seen in temperate forests is loss of species diversity following large wind disturbance. This outcome results when shade-intolerant species sustain heavy mortality owing to concentration in the canopy and are unable to colonize disturbed patches because of a pre-established understory of shade-tolerant species. Sharitz and others (1992), for example, found that Hurricane Hugo reduced the tree diversity in the slough forest communities in a South Carolina riparian area by having disproportionably larger negative effects on shade-intolerant and transition species of the canopy than on the shade-tolerant species that dominated the subcanopy. In Piedmont temperate forests, changes in sapling diversity following the 1996 Hurricane Fran were varied. Mostly, sapling diversity increased slightly following the hurricane. However, a decrease of sapling diversity was also observed where canopy damage was extremely high, though this may...

Integration Of Maintenance And Operation Into The Design Of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Networks

This paper builds on a recently developed method for determining the optimal cleaning schedule in a given RO network subject to fouling. The scheduling problem is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problem that can include control action and membrane degradation. The problem is solved based on algebraic equations and time discretisation methodology under the general algebraic modelling system (GAMS) environment using the Outer-Approximation Extended-Relaxation algorithm. Based on the algorithm, the objective function (which account for factors related to membrane regeneration and operating constraints) is minimised sequentially as a nonlinear programming (NLP) subproblem using MINOS and as a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) master problem using CPLEX.

Biodiversity conservation in perspective

Factors impinge on the success or failure of biodiversity conservation, most of which act simultaneously. Two key aspects have been mentioned by some writers that could influence the enhancement of biodiversity conservation. One concerns the incentive to create an economic value for tropical medicinal plants by investing in drug development programmes with potential financial spin-offs. For instance, it has been noted that pharmaceutical firms have not been part of the programme to save tropical forests largely because financial and institutional incentives are lacking. The second component hinges on the relaxation of the drug approval process by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Presently, FDA requirements insist on new drugs being single molecular entities and pure isolates that have been completely elucidated. The trial drug must also pass the clinical tests of efficacy and safety. Plant-derived concoctions, however, are whole crude extracts containing many molecular...

N 20n 30n 40n 50n 60n

The first numerical confirmation of thermohaline catastrophe was reported by F. Bryan (1986). At that time it was remarkable to find a solution for the pole-pole circulation. Bryan started with a two-hemisphere model ocean with symmetric forcing and relaxation conditions for both temperature and salinity. A circulation symmetric with respect to the equator was established. Thermohaline circulation under mixed boundary conditions Early in the numerical modeling of the thermohaline circulation, both temperature and salinity were subject to strong relaxation conditions. Under such strong relaxation conditions, it was rather difficult to find multiple solutions. The breakthrough took place when people started to try different types of boundary condition. Halocline catastrophe from numerical experiments Using a model for a two-hemisphere sector, including both poles, F. Bryan (1986) carried out the first set of successful numerical experiments demonstrating the idea of the halocline...

Scales of temporal variability and its mechanisms

This defines the existence of the 'background' variability (shaded area in Figure 1.1) and the increase in its intensity with increasing time scale of oscillations. The most important factors controlling the 'background' variability on time scales of the order of one hour and less are small-scale turbulence and convection, and on time scales of the order of one day - inertial waves. On time scales of the order of one month the background variability is determined by the thermal relaxation of the atmosphere. On time scales of the order of one to ten years it is governed by thermal relaxation of the upper mixed layer of the ocean, and on time scales of the order of O'-IO3 years it is dictated by processes in the deep ocean. Finally, in the range of timescales from 103 to 10s years an interaction between the continental ice sheets, deep ocean layer and the atmosphere manifests itself.

Absorption of Radiation by Phytoplankton in the Upper Ocean

While early modeling studies all agreed that chlorophyll attenuation plays an important role in ocean physics, few direct observations had been available to confirm this. However, during the coastal transition zone field study along the California coast, Ramp et al. (1991) interpreted observations of a surface warming feature during a wind relaxation event to be caused by patchiness in the near surface chlorophyll distribution. The first notion that this biological-physical process acted on equatorial ocean regions was presented by Sathyendranath et al. (1991), who argued that chlorophyll patches were important driving mechanisms for variations in sea surface temperature. Such sea surface temperatures (SST) anomalies have been

Animal feed bans and specified risk material SRM

These changes have had an enormous impact on rendering, which is an integral and vital part of the meat processing industry. Rendering operations have been forced by regulation to commission new plants and upgrade existing plants in order to cope with the fallout from the BSE epidemic, while at the same time, their traditional markets have disappeared. The future direction of BSE policy and the possible relaxation of the TSE Regulation in the European Union have been canvassed by the European Commission (2005).

Ice Shelves And Other Marine Glaciers

Glacier (or ice) tongues are narrower protrusions of floating glacier ice usually formed by single or converging ice streams or glaciers laterally confined at the coast and discharging into the sea. These tongues extend seaward because discharge of ice across their landward grounding line (the junction between the grounded feeder glacier and the floating ice) is normally faster than the rate at which icebergs break off. Thinning proceeds seaward of the grounding line and towards the sides of the tongue. Serrations or teeth , with horizontal amplitudes and wavelengths of some hundred metres, are common along the sides of many tongues (e.g., Erebus Glacier Tongue, Ross Island) their formation may be due to lateral deformation and expansion (due to relaxation of pressure) of the glacier as it moves out of the constraining valley causing periodic variations in ice discharge. Wastage is again mainly by calving and bottom melting but melting and sublimation from the surface of glacier...

Reaction centres and energy transfer

The light-harvesting, as opposed to reaction centre, pigment molecules are made up of the great majority of the chlorophyll a molecules, chlorophylls b, c1 (or c3) and c2, the various carotenoids and the biliproteins. All these (except carotenoids) fluoresce actively in vitro and so the assumption that energy transfer among them takes place by inductive resonance presents no problem. Carotenoids, on the other hand, show virtually no fluorescence in vitro, and the view is sometimes expressed that energy transfer from carotenoids to other pigments must involve some other mechanism. It has nevertheless been shown that carotenoid fluorescence does in fact occur, but at very low yield 6 x 10 5 in b-carotene453a and 5 x 10 5 in fucoxanthin.680a Absorption of a photon by a carotenoid molecule raises its energy level to the first excited singlet state, indicated by 1Bu. This is followed by a fast non-radiative relaxation to an optically forbidden singlet state, 2Ag, at a lower energy level...

Tropopause height for real gas atmospheres

The general problem of representing convection in climate models is a very challenging one, about which entire volumes have been written. (See the Further Readings section of Chapter 2.) For the problem at hand, there are a number of simplifying assumptions which allow us to avoid some of the more subtle aspects of the subject. First, we will be content to assume that convection instantaneously resets the profile to an adiabatic profile. Next, given where instability occurs in the pure infrared radiative equilibrium profiles, it is safe to assume that convection occurs in a single layer extending from the ground to the tropopause height, without any possibility of multiple interleaved internal convecting and radiative equilibrium layers. Further, we will only seek an equilibrium solution, without attempting to accurately represent the approach to equilibrium. Finally, we carry out the calculation by holding Tg fixed and allowing the rest of the atmosphere to relax to the corresponding...

The last glacial cycle abrupt glaciological responses to climate

When we consider glacier-climate relationships (Fig. 21.1) on time-scales of 104yr we are now dealing with the growth and destruction of large ice sheets (Drewry & Morris, 1992) (Fig. 21.6c). The interaction between the height and albedo of large ice sheets and the climate system is important, as is the impact of freshwater inputs to the ocean and the effect on the THC. In addition on these time-scales, changes in the elevation of ice sheets and relative sea level will occur at the margins of ice sheets as the relaxation time for the process of glacial isostatic adjustment is of the order of 2-3kyr for the LIS (Dyke & Peltier, 2000) (Fig. 21.6c). The massive Northern Hemisphere ice sheets over northern North America (LIS) and Fennoscandia were centred spatially over the large interior seas of Foxe Basin Hudson Bay, and the Baltic Gulf of Bothnia, hence are 'marine-based' (Denton & Hughes, 1981). Owing to the weight of the ice sheets and subsequent glacial isostatic depression of the...

Implications for Ecosystem and Natural Resources Management

Marine Based Ice Sheet

FIGURE 13 Differences in biophysical properties associated with contrasting land management policies in adjacent portions of the United States and Mexico (adapted from Bryant et al, 1990). Relaxation of grazing and range improvement programs occurred in the United States subsequent to the implementation of the Taylor Grazing Act in 1934. Changes in landscape cover resulting from a change in federal policy has had biophysical consequences.

Photochemical Aging of Organic Aerosol

Such photochemical aging processes may include direct photodissociation, photoisomerization, photosensitization, and other chemical reactions triggered by absorption of a photon by an SOA constituent. In order for photochemistry to have a significant effect on SOA aging, the following conditions must be satisfied (1) organic aerosol material must have significant absorption in the tropospheric actinic window (X 300 nm) (2) the yield for photochemical reactions, such as photodissociation, must be large compared to that for fluorescence, vibrational relaxation, geminate recombination, and other non-

Ocean Surface Water Mass Transformation

In ocean modelling a common practice has been to restore surface temperature and salinity to observed values (Cox and Bryan, 1984), which strongly limits surface density errors. However, to do so often requires very erroneous fluxes (Killworth et al., 2000), especially of fresh water, and hence water mass transformation (Large et al., 1997). Conversely, forcing with observed fluxes has resulted in poor representation of surface temperature and salinity (Rosati and Miyakoda, 1988) and hence water mass transformation. The two approaches can be combined so that relaxation terms are added to climatological heat and salt fluxes (Barnier et al., 1995). However, Nurser et al. (1999) find that the relaxation substantially modifies the surface density flux of a North Atlantic model. Large et al. (1997) use more physical surface boundary conditions, where in particular, the freshwater and heat fluxes are coupled through an explicit evaporation latent heat flux. The global result is an improved...

Current Climate Policies Emissions Trading and the Role of Sinks

In contrast, the perspective of the USA and Umbrella group concentrated directly on the climate GHG problem, and for carbon this meant focusing on actions that would limit atmospheric concentrations of CO2. It mattered little whether fossil fuel emissions were reduced or carbon uptake by vegetation and soils was increased, or carbon was otherwise sequestered. One tonne removed from the atmosphere was just as good as reducing emissions by a tonne. This focus, along with a desire for cost-effectiveness, led to a desire for maximum flexibility in choosing the least costly way to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. Separate quantity limits on the use of sinks, if binding, would result in a two-tier permit market - a higher price for emissions reduction and lower price for sinks, reflecting the fact that there were more cheap sinks options available than allowed by the restriction on their use. Most analysts believe that the sinks quantities allowed in the Kyoto Protocol as finally negotiated...

Sediment genesis in the permafrost regions

The tectonic mechanical mechanism of physical weathering manifests itself in those magmatic, metamorphic and cemented sedimentary rocks in which, typically, a complex system of fractures is present long before they come within the area of influence of the weathering processes. The origin, outlines and length of fractures in rocks in the near-surface horizons of the Earth's crust may be associated with mountain pressure and tectonics and the relaxation and removal of such stresses. The latter effect leads to opening of previously existing ultra- and micro-fractures, their size and length increasing with the formation of a series of new fractures due to stress relaxation. The fractured near-surface zone of the Earth's crust is called the zone of pre-degradation. Its thickness ranges from several tens of metres in the platform areas to hundreds of metres in the tectonically active regions.

The Rbrc Program Canada And The Us

The OECD would exhibit considerable environmental leadership bv producing guidance materials that recognize the value of a uniform and efficient system to channel Ni-Cd batteries to pre-authorized recovery operations. This guidance would recommend the relaxation of hazardous waste requirements on the collection and transportation of used Ni-Cd batteries to those collection facilities recognized by the OECD member nations to he capable of environmentally sound reclamation of their constituent materials. National governments with environmentally sound and compliant facilities could be requested to certify their status to OECD.

Summary And Conclusions

Biological indicators of environmental improvement in New York Harbor include the reestablishment of breeding populations of waterfowl (e.g., peregrine falcons, os-preys, herons) in many areas of the estuary, the recovery of Hudson River shortnose sturgeon to record populations, the decline of PCBs in striped bass, and a relaxation of New York State advisories for human consumption of striped bass in parts of the Hudson River. Marine organisms that were long absent from the waters of the harbor because of poor water quality conditions are now thriving as a result of the cleanup of the harbor. The resurgence of pollution-intolerant benthic organisms in Lower New York Bay and the heavy reinfestation of submerged wooden pilings by marine borers throughout the Hudson-Raritan estuary are strong evidence of the improvement in the ecological condition of the harbor.

Day mode

In contrast to the considerable attention received by the genesis and scale selection of the summer monsoon 30-60-day mode, the 10-20-day mode has received very little attention. Having observed that both cloudiness and the moist static stability have a quasi-biweekly oscillation, Krishnamurti and Bhalme (1976) proposed a mechanism in terms of cloud-radiation-convection feedback. According to them, the net radiative effect warms up the surface over the MT region under normal summer monsoon conditions and builds up dry and moist static stability of the lower atmosphere. This leads to moist convection, increase in cloud cover, and reduction of solar radiation at the surface. Resultant surface cooling and warming of the middle layer of the atmosphere due to latent heat release associated with the convection stabilizes the temperature profile and cuts down convection. With dissipation of the clouds and increase in solar radiation at the surface, moist instability again builds up and the...

PcpH v1t2 v2

In either case, one can compute OLR(T) using a radiation model and some assumption linking the temperature and humidity profile to surface temperature, or one can use one of the linear or polynomial fits to the OLR curve discussed in Section 4. For example, with a linear fit to the OLR curve for a terrestrial atmosphere with 300ppmv CO2 and 50 relative humidity, b is about 2(W m2) K in the range 250K to 310K. The corresponding relaxation time t is 1200 days for a 50 meter mixed layer, or 60 days for the 2.4m mixed layer which is equivalent to the thermal inertia of the Earth's atmosphere. In consequence, the seasonal cycle is expected to be strongly attenuated on the ocean- covered parts of the Earth (apart from coastal effects). The atmosphere alone does not have enough thermal inertia to damp out the seasonal cycle, but it does have enough thermal inertia to keep the atmospheric temperature roughly constant in the course of the diurnal cycle. Colder temperatures tend to make the...

Cos tj

Early in the numerical modeling of the thermohaline circulation, both temperature and salinity were subject to strong relaxation conditions. Under such strong relaxation conditions, it was rather difficult to find multiple solutions. The breakthrough took place when people started to try different types of boundary condition. First, run the model to a quasi-equilibrium state under the relaxation conditions for both temperature and salinity, dT T(T* - T), d r(S* - S). Third, this salt flux is used as the forcing for the salinity in the second stage of the numerical experiments. The model is restarted from the quasi-equilibrium state and run under a new set ofboundary conditions for temperature and salinity, fT r(T* T), d Sf, i.e., a relaxation condition for temperature and a flux condition for salinity. Since the relaxation condition still applies to the temperature field, this new set ofboundary conditions has been called the mixed boundary conditions. Note that the salt flux is now...

Day Of The Year 2000

An approximate value of phase delay t0 can be estimated from the expression for the characteristic time of the thermal relaxation t0 L2lk, where L is the characteristic length and k the thermal diffusivity. When k equals to 10 6m2ls, for a 1m depth t0 reaches approximately 11-12 days thus, it is comparable with the best phase calculated by the phase synchronization technique.


In this chapter some basic features of chemical kinetics and their mathematical description are introduced (Section 2.1). Then the values and the temperature dependence of the rate constants of the carbonate system are summarized (Section 2.3). The kinetics of the carbonate system are described in detail (Section 2.4), including an analysis of the time scales involved in the relaxation of the system towards equilibrium. In this context, the stable carbon isotopes 12C, 13C, and 14C are also considered (Section 2.5). Finally, diffusion-reaction equations in plane and in spherical geometry are discussed (Section 2.6). The temporal development of A and B for initial conditions A 0 1 and B 0 0 (arbitrary units) is shown graphically in Figure 2.1.1 the rate constant is k 0.1 s_1. Whereas the concentration of A is exponentially decreasing, B is increasing and approaches the asymptotic value of 1.0 as t oo. The concentration of A reaches about 37 ( 1 e) of its initial concentration after 10...

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