The Red Wine Diet

The Red Wine Diet

This diet is the single best way to lose weight if you'd rather not spend every spare minute on the treadmill and eating carrots and broth. You can lose the same amount of weight or MORE just by following the easy instructions in this ebook from Art Mcdermott, Certified Nutritionist and Strength Coach. Believe it or not, red wine is not a guilt pleasure. It is a very good and helpful part of your diet. The antioxidants in red wine alone can help you a lot in your quest to stay healthy! You don't have to just eat kale and carrots to lose weight Why not have a little something that tastes good as well? You will learn a lot in this ebook, including why alcohol is not your enemy in weight loss, the real health benefits of red wine that no one talks about, and addictive foods to avoid. Don't just avoid foods Get some red wine too! Read more...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of The Red Wine Diet can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Important sources of highvalue coproducts 1751 Fruit processing

For its aphrodisiac and health-related properties. In the USA it is traded with a label indicating its high in vitro antioxidant capacity, which has been reported to be higher than that of red wine and green tea (Gil et al., 2000). During processing the husks, membranes and seeds constitute a residue that can account for more than 50 of the harvested fruits. This residue is rich in ellagitannins (mainly punicalagin isomers) that are water soluble and easily extracted from the residues (Gil et al., 2000). In addition, the membranes are a source of procyanidins, and the seeds contain interesting oils with interesting conjugated unsaturated fatty acids with relevant biological activity (Kohno et al., 2004). The cauliflower by-products showed a relevant antioxidant capacity, estimated from their ability to reduce complex to TPTZ-Fe(II). In this way, 16 g (dry weight) of cauliflower by-products can provide the same antioxidant capacity as one cup of tea or one glass of red wine (Llorach et...

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