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Figure 3. Flow diagram illustrating stages II to IV of the Sortbat battery sorting installation during manufacture. These markers, which are invisible to the naked eye, are being added to new batteries Europe-wide in order that they can be distinguished as mercury free and recycled in less mercury tolerant processes. The detectors, shown in Figure 4, are fitted with wavelength sensitive filters and calibrated to ensure that potential conflicts from other fluorescent inks are either minimised or eliminated.

• Product Purity

The purity of the outputs is also very important to the recycling companies. Initially the machine was designed to sort critical streams to 96% efficiency. Table 2 shows the sorting efficiencies achieved today. These exceed the design specification in all cases and meet the current quality requirements of all of the recyclers in Europe.

Table 2. Purity of Output Streams with Respect to Critical Contaminants






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