Spent Portable Nickel Cadmium Batteries Quantities processed for recycling in 2000

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Figure 27. Collection of Portable Rechargeable Ni-Cd Batteries in European Countries (Normalised data on the basis of grams per inhabitant per year; source: CollectNiCad)

The originality of SCRELEC's program is to integrate all actors of the recycling operations and to drive the system economically in all the steps.

5.3.4. Conclusions

As presented previously in Figure 24, collected quantities of portable rechargeable batteries have been increasing significantly during the last years and a continuous progression of collected volumes is expected as a result of several parameters:

1. the private, national and regional initiatives for the collection of spent batteries,

2. the development of national collection and recycling associations in countries without collection organization in 2000,

3. the implementation of the WEEE Directive,

4. the increasing selectivity in the processing of industrial waste,

5. the progressive abandonment of legal landfills for batteries in several EU members states,

6. the increasing consumer awareness of the battery and the EEE collection issue.

Figure 28. The Collection and Recycling Scheme Under the Control of SCRELEC: Schematic Presentation of Operations, Logistics and Financials Aspects

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