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The SAFT AB recycling plant at Oskarshamn/Sweden is fully integrated in the manufacturing plant for industrial nickel-cadmium batteries. It demonstrates the commitment of the major european NiCd battery producer to control the life-cycle of the products introduced on the market. Process development started in 1978 and the operation reached industrial scale in 1986 (Figure 6).

The plant permit from the Court of Environment, dated 1996, includes treatment of 2,000 tonnes of used batteries while the present capacity is approx. 1,500 tonnes of industrial batteries or 800 tonnes of industrial + 400 tonnes of portables.

Ni Cd batteries, portable as well as industrial, are received from the whole world. All internal production waste containing cadmium is treated at the plant (Figure 1).

Based on the measurement prescribed in the Surveillance program, the yearly cadmium emissions of the recycling plant are estimated to approx. 0.2 kg to the atmosphere and approx. 0.5 kg to water (1999).

The recovered cadmium (<99.95% pure) is directly used for the manufacturing of industrial batteries.

ACCUREC GmbH (Germany)

Aircraft Nickel Cadmium Battery
Figure 4. Schematic Presentation of the Ni-Cd Battery Treatment at Accurec
Martens Schematic View Pyramid
GmbH: Portable Cells

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