O European market as 25% of the world market

O European market as 25% of the world market


Figure 4. Portable Ni-Cd Sales in Europe: Historical Evolution and Forecast (Source: CollectNiCad)

and substitution of Ni-Cd batteries with other technologies has occurred in this market segment. At the same time, the portable Ni-Cd batteries used for cordless power tool (CPT) applications have had an important market development due to the end user requirement for higher power and optimum cost/performance ratio.

The portable rechargeable battery market has seen the appearance of technologies like Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer, as the market has required batteries with improved energy to weight and volume ratios in a given capacity range. By offering a lower weight, especially the lithium-based batteries were responding to this market demand.

On the opposite, when high power and high current drains are required together with extreme operating temperatures, the Ni-Cd battery has reinforced its market position.

2.3. Ni-Cd Industrial Battery Market

The stability of the industrial Ni-Cd battery sales during the last ten years has been confirmed (Figure 5). Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications are taking the largest market share. Railways applications will maintain their development in countries like U.K., France, Spain and Italy. The back-up power to photovoltaic units represents a speciality market in countries where the equipment has to be used in a wide temperature range.

A large market was expected from the electric vehicle application, which did not developed to a significant level during the last five years. It is worth mentioning the industry initiative to secure 100% recycling of the batteries in this market segment. Indeed the industry remains the owner of the battery during its service life while the client is paying a leasing fee for its use. This commercial practise secures a 100% collection efficiency of the batteries at end of life.

A speciality market exist in the aviation sector for engine start-up and emergency electrical power supply. Space and defence represent minor but stable market segments.

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