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Ni-Cd Batteries

Industrial Type

Figure 3. INMETCO Recycling Process for Industrial NiCd Batteries

After the plastic has been removed, the batteries are charged into a cadmium furnace and the cadmium is distilled off at high temperatures and collected. Negative cadmium plates from industrial batteries are also charged into the cadmium furnace for distillation of the cadmium. Carbon is added as a reductant. The charge is heated and the cadmium distilled, then collected in a water bath. The final cadmium product is in shot form. The cadmium shot is drummed, weighed, assayed, and shipped to the customer. The residue from the cadmium furnace, mostly iron and nickel, is shredded and fed to the nickel plant for nickel and iron recovery.

Schematic diagrams of the processes utilized for the recycling of industrial and consumer NiCd batteries at INMETCO are shown in Figures 3 and 4.

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