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As part of a broad assessment of the general recyclability of automotive batteries done in the mid-1990s, a report on recycling technology was prepared for the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board [16]. Ten different EV battery technologies were ranked based on their performance and recyclability. The battery chemistries that were included in this study are presented in Table 3. Because the recycling capacity available for some of these batteries was minimal in 1995 and the market for some of the materials that would be recovered was also too small and unstable to support the recycling effort alone, a mandatory deposit of $100 to $150 per battery was suggested. This figure was believed to be large enough to ensure return of the batteries to central collection sites, but not so large as to trigger theft or a battery black market.

Table 3. Battery Chemistries Included in Recycling Technology Assessment

Lead-acid (all types)

Lithium/iron disulfide





Nickel/metal hydride

Zinc (zinc-air, zinc/bromine)


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