Laser Retro Reflector Array

A Laser Retro Reflector Array (LRRA) will be used for POD validation of KOMP-SAT-5. The KOMPSAT-5 LRRA developed by GFZ (GeoForschungsZentrum) is shown in Fig. 6. The KOMPSAT-5 LRRA has four cube corner prisms mounted in a compact frame. A bracket will be used to compensate the tilt angle of the spacecraft and ensuring a better field of view. Figure 7 shows the configuration of the LRRA.

Lrra Antenna

Table 2 KOMPSAT-5 orbital elements

Orbital elements

Mean values

Semi-Major Axis (km) 6928.114

Eccentricity 0.00107

Inclination (deg) 97.60

R.A of Ascending Node (deg) 339.73

Argument of Perigee (deg) 90.0

Mean Anomaly (deg) 270.0

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