The KOMPSAT program is a government funded space program which was started in the mid 90's. The first satellite of the KOMPSAT program was launched in 1999 and the second satellite was launched in 2006. Currently, KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-5 are under development at the same time.

KOMPSAT-5 is in the critical design phase and scheduled to be launched in 2010. The main mission of KOMPSAT-5 is observing the Earth by using a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). In Fig. 1, the KOMPSAT-5 program architecture is described (Lee 2007). In order to satisfy the orbit determination accuracy requirements, Atmosphere Occultation and Precision Orbit Determination (AOPOD) system is used. The AOPOD system consists of a dual frequency GPS receiver and a Laser Retro Reflector Array (LRRA). The dual frequency GPS receiver generates precision orbit determination data and GPS radio occultation data. The LRRA is used for POD validation of KOMPSAT-5.

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